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Precautions for drilling machine operation

1, before work on the drill and work, fixtures to conduct a comprehensive inspection to check whether the drill chuck.
The key or ramps are inserted into the spindle. Confirm correct before starting operation.
2, the operation of drilling when the prohibition of wearing gloves, scarves, cuffs must be tight, girls must wear safety.
Full hat.
3, to choose the speed, feed speed, adjust the stroke limit block. Manual infeed, the gradual increase in pressure or gradually reduce the pressure, so as not to force too much cause accidents.
4, bit long wrapped iron scrap, to stop cleaning, prohibited by hand, mouth blowing, brush or hook should be used to remove.
5, fine deep hole drilling, pulling cones, not too much force, so as not to hand hit the knife. 6, in the spindle rotation, are not allowed to flip, dismantle the workpiece, test the workpiece and change the spindle speed; hands are not allowed to touch the rotating tool.

7, the table are not allowed to stack objects.
8, the operator’s head is not allowed to rotate too close to the spindle, stop the spindle to naturally stop, can not be hand-stopped, can not use the reverse brake.
9, drill through-hole, to make the drill bit through the work surface to the knife hole, or under the workpiece horn mat, so as not to damage the table surface.
10, the equipment is running, are not allowed to leave the job, for any reason to leave and must stop and cut.
Power off.
11, after the use of drilling, you must cut off the power and wipe the equipment, cleaning the workplace, and.
Lubricating oil is added to each sliding surface and each lubricating point.

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