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Punch vibration isolation using the fundamental rules

Control of the punch partner should know, it is easy to form noise, then the basis of noise reduction which is that, along the road to see it.

Skills matching. The punching unit’s vibration transmission is through the base, the pipe and the support three channels, only to the base, the pipeline and the support frame all takes the method, three vibration isolation technology matches can obtain the result. Technical support is not only vibration isolation requirements, and punch punch press is also to prevent the base set vibration components, the pipeline will be due to displacement caused by stress meta-eruptions and the outbreak of the event.

Induction processing. The disposal of punch group in the course of running into vibration and noise problems, not only from the punch unit start, but also from the governance aspects. Vibration and sound absorption is not only to solve the channel of transmission of solid vibration, but also to solve the atmosphere vibration transmission channels, vibration and noise of this punch is caused by multiple elements of the problem through comprehensive management of the situation in order to achieve results.

Punching the upper and lower material

We all know that stamping production is mainly for the board, widely used in various fields. In order to make it easier to use, it is necessary to understand the top and bottom of the device:

Its main processing technology is simple, that is, the press forming method, and then the pressure must be placed on the workpiece is not, otherwise, it will not work the product, and then how the punch is made out. First, the feed is the workpiece into the mold in the specified location, and then mold down, the stamping, of course, the material can be divided into manual and automatic, manual not say, manual placement, for automatic mode there are various Operable manipulator, set to the frequency of the material, you can also use some other equipment for processing. One word is used instead of the manual placement method, which can be called automatic feeding.

Punching process is only a process, on the contrary, the process is complete, then the next material, a lot of time, will automatically complete, manual is too slow, but also very dangerous, but after the advent of automatic punch, these aspects Also has been greatly improved.

How to Start and Debug the NC Drilling Machine

 CNC drilling machine is a high technological content of mechanical and electrical integration of the machine, the user to buy a CNC drilling machine, whether the correct and safe boot, debugging is a critical step.This step is correct or not in a large program On the decision of the CNC drilling machine can play a normal economic efficiency and its own life, CNC drilling machine commissioning should follow the following steps:
1. Visual inspection before power-on
Check the relay, contactors, fuses, servo motor speed, control unit sockets, spindle motor speed control unit sockets, etc. whether the loose, if loose should return to normal state, a locking mechanism Of the connector must be locked, there is a transit box of the machine must check the adapter box on the socket, whether the loose wiring, a locking mechanism must be locked. Secondary wiring of equipment, such as power transformers , You must confirm the consistency of the phase sequence of the second wiring to ensure that the phase sequence is absolutely correct at this time should measure the power supply voltage, make a record.
2. MDI test
Measuring the actual speed of the spindle The CNC drilling machine lock switch on position, with manual data input instructions, the spindle any gear, speed test, measuring spindle speed, and observe the spindle speed display value, adjust the error should be limited to 5 %. The choice of turret or tool holder for the purpose of the knife test is to check the knife seat or positive, reverse and positioning accuracy of the correct .EDIT function test state selector switch will be placed in the EDIT position, the preparation of a simple program, As many as possible to include a variety of functional and auxiliary function instructions, move the size of CNC drilling machine to limit travel, at the same time to increase the program, delete and modify.
3. The total voltage of the machine is switched on
Check the CNC electrical box, spindle motor cooling fan, machine electrical box cooling fan steering is correct, lubrication, hydraulic and other signs of oil and machine tool lighting is normal, the fuse for damage, such as There is an exception should be immediately power maintenance, no exception can continue to measure the power of all parts of the voltage, especially for the CNC and servo unit with the power transformer primary and secondary voltage, and make a record to observe whether the oil, especially for Turret shift, clamping, spindle shift and chuck, etc., such as hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve.If the oil spill should be immediately repaired or replaced power failure.
4.CNC electrical box power
Press the CNC power button, turn on the CNC power, observe the CRT display, until the normal screen so far. If the ALARM display, you should find fault and remove, then re-power check. The position of the test terminal to measure the voltage at all levels, the deviation should be adjusted to a given value, and make a record. The state switch in place, such as Japan FANUC system should be placed in the MDI state, select the parameters page. Such as the value of the backlash compensation may be inconsistent with the parameter table, the parameters of the parameters should be checked with the random parameters, such as the parameters found in the inconsistent with the parameters, should find out the meaning of each parameter and then decide whether to modify, This can be modified at any time after actual machining.