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Punch material CNC equipment automatic calculation mode which

Punch material CNC equipment automatic calculation, processing time, process control system, only a reasonable planning, and then can handle the control code or other symbols specified in the procedure.

Simple, technical requirements, simple operation, a certain basic knowledge of computer training, 2-3 days to start running.

And the production staff to achieve from the machine operation, to maximize the prevention of accidents.

Improve work efficiency:

IPM punch automation level has a high strength, can reduce the labor intensity. On the basis of 100 times / minute frequency processing, 1.5 × 5 processing area can be completed to improve production efficiency.

Processing of product changes, only need to modify the NC program, a more rapid replacement machine.

CNC machine tool itself processing advantages:

For the processing of CNC equipment parts processing accounting will be more accurate, multi-coordinate linkage can be cut, complex shape machining parts can be achieved graphics processing, automatic conversion pneumatic clamping, strength, no deviation of the high-precision machining method.

Punch Machine CNC machine tool manufacturers to transform the most useful part, the significant increase in production efficiency, and now we have to realize the benefits of CNC machine tools.

1 to increase production efficiency:

This machine through the numerical control transformation, may realize the processing efficiency ratio in 3-7 times the traditional machine tool automated procedure. At the same time in order to improve precision machining parts better. Shorten the production preparation cycle.

2 performance is more stable and reliable:

CNC machinery and equipment manufacturing base, after a long period of experimental treatment, deformation under stress and the impact of mechanical equipment accuracy.

After the above collection, we can clearly understand the CNC punch press manufacturers can bring greater benefits.