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Punch, pneumatic punch, co-forging – do quality punch Shenzhen Punch – Pneumatic punching machine with compressed air as power, low noise, no pollution, environmental protection steel hole punch machine. Mini type is not space-consuming features, is widely used in small parts of the press, molding, assembly, riveting, etc .. IPM punch widely used In a variety of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand tools cnc punching, hardware, computers and other products processing. Specializing in the production of punch pipeline welding machine, is the leader in the production of punch, good quality, affordable, please call to discuss.

Stamping punch daily maintenance work Stamping press machine Daily maintenance work

Stamping punch daily maintenance work Stamping press machine Daily maintenance work: (A) before the start of work: 1) to clean up the workplace, from the press will be unrelated to the work of clean up the objects, tools, safe custody. Unrelated personnel should leave the pressure mechanic Location. 2) Check the friction part of the press lubrication. 3) Check whether the die is installed correctly and reliably, whether the crack on the blade, dent or crack. 4) must be disengaged in the case of the clutch before they can boot. 5) Experimental brake belt, clutch, manipulator work, do a few itinerary. 6) Preparing the tools required (B) during working hours: 1) Timing with the oil gun to the lubrication point of the oil boring machine. 2) If the workpiece ‘stuck’ in the die should stop the press, the timely study and treatment.


3) work at any time on the British side of the work surface to remove the flash bevel tools, do not directly remove the hands to get to use hooks or related tools. 4) do shallow stretching work, we should pay attention to sheet metal cleaning, and lubrication of the oil. 5) Do not put your feet often on the pedal of the manipulator, so as not to pay attention to an accident. 6) When the press is working custom metal fabrication, do not insert the hand into the mold, do not change the position of the blank on the die. 7) when the press work is not normal (such as the slider free fall, the occurrence of abnormal percussion or noise, poor quality of finished oil burr, etc.) should Immediately shut down for research. (C) after the work: 1) Disengage the clutch. 2) Stop the motor. 3) to clean up tools and stamping parts, put it to adapt to the place. 4) the metal cut clean. 5) wiping the press and die with a rag, in the mold edge and press the work surface is not coated with paint anti-rust oil.

Sources of major hazards in stamping operations

Sources of major hazards in stamping operations In this case, Stamping operations in the main source of danger According to the analysis, the risk mainly in the following areas: (1) switch failure. Switching equipment control system caused by man-made. In this case, (2) motion control equipment will have a great impact, so that some parts deformation, wear and peeling, resulting in rushed or accidental equipment operation control and risk. In this case, (3) the risk of mold. Responsible for the main function is the release of energy throughout the system automatic welding machine. Precision Punch Because the mold design is not reasonable or flawed, regardless of the safe use of the staff in the operation, hands directly or regularly to the mold to complete the operation, thereby increasing the possibility of injury. Defective molds may be due to wear, deformation or damage due to an accident. In this case, (4) the risk of equipment structure. A considerable number of stamping equipment is a rigid clutch. Precision Punch This is the use of cam mechanisms to make the clutch engage or disengage, once the joint action bevel machine, we must complete a complete ring will stop. If the hands in this cycle can not be timely from the dead, it will inevitably occur hand injuries hydraulic punching machine.

integrated development tube drilling machine

Punching parts on the punch accuracy requirements In modern stamping operations, if only high-precision, long life mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality hole punching machine, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life cnc machines for sale. Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. 1, the dynamic accuracy and the rigidity of the various parts of the punch are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic.

2, punch if the load, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. 3, the accuracy of punch accuracy and product accuracy, die life has a very close relationship between. 4, the dynamic accuracy of the various parts of the rigid punch directly related to good rigidity of the dynamic accuracy of punch is relatively high. 5, the actual stamping process is very important dynamic accuracy, due to technical specifications in the form of difficulties, it has not yet integrated development tube drilling machine, the status quo is to represent the accuracy of static precision punch.

Portable beveling machine, people should be driving busbar bender

Safety Rules for Punch Press IPM Punch Manufacturing Plant Safety Rules for Punch Press IPM Punch Manufacturing Plant As the punch has a fast, high pressure characteristics, the use of punching for blanking, molding must comply with certain safety regulations. In this case, \t 1. Exposed to the press outside the transmission components, must install a protective cover, prohibit the removal of protective cover in the case of driving or testing. In this case, \t 2. Before driving the main fastening screws should be checked for loosening, mold with or without cracks, control mechanisms, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal, the lubrication system with or without oil blockage. If necessary, open the empty test. 3. Install the mold must be open to the bottom dead point slider, closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; mold must be firmly secured, and after pressure test.

In this case, 4. Attention should be focused on the work, forbidden to hand and tools and other objects into the danger zone. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate. Die stuck blank, only allowed to use tools to escape. In this case, 5. Found that abnormal operation of the press bed or abnormal sound, (such as batter, pop sound) should stop feeding, check the cause. Such as the Department of rotating parts loosening, control device failure, mold loosening and defects, should stop repair. In this case, 6. Each finish – m pieces of work, the hands or feet must leave the button or pedal to prevent misuse. In this case, 7. Two or more operations Portable beveling machine, people should be driving busbar bender, pay attention to coordination and good. The mold should fall before get off work stainless steel fabrication, disconnect the power, and conduct the necessary cleaning.

Foshan metal punching welding solutions

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Quality punch manufacturers pneumatic punch Zhongshan

pneumatic punch Zhongshan Pneumatic press produced by IPM adopts pneumatic double balance cylinder to balance the weight of slider and upper mold, reduce impact and noise busbar machine, eliminate the gap between connecting rod and slider Busbar Processing Machine, and reduce the impact and wear of force parts. The machine adopts imported PLC centralized Control, gas selection imported safety double valve control, can achieve jog, inch move, single and continuous stamping .60 T and above tonnage products using electric adjustable mold height; fine configuration, key components such as pneumatic components, electrical components, Seals, buttons, etc. are selected imported parts. Adhere to the quality and dedication of the quality of services, and continuously improve the quality of the whole staff awareness and quality of work, a clear goal and follow the quality objectives to ensure that the advanced nature of products in the market competition in the dominant position Structural steel fabricator.

Punch manufacturers punch lock slider role

In order to solve this problem, the punch press is equipped with a punch press locking device, which is provided by the punching machine manufacturer. In order to solve the problem, Slider locking device is composed of punching accessories slide, sawtooth, adjusting the gear gland composition, thus ensuring the safety of stamping and improve the punching accuracy. The high speed punch slider locking device comprises a slider locking device stainless steel fabrication, wherein the two step hole punch slider is respectively arranged with a fuel tank or a cylinder block, and a cylinder and a ventilation space are left between the bottom parts of the slider structure.

Punch manufacturers punch lock slider role


The piston and the cylinder and the piston are in the cylinder and the serrated tooth bottom can be moved in the next step, and the trapezoidal thread is connected with the sawtooth gear transmission mode, and the serrated gland is set outside, pressing the transmission mode and fixing the screw gear to the slider Upper surface straightening machine. When operating, the rotational speed of the motor is driven by the pulley to rotate the flywheel through the punch hole, and then the clutch is driven by the flywheel of the brake assembly, a circularly driven crankshaft is rotated to control the height of the sliding punch if desired, An open-seat adjustment mode motor drives the top of the worm and worm gear, the worm drive gear is mounted on the intermediate shaft through a gear-driven transmission mode by rotating the intermediate gear, the transfer molding having a slider and a sawtooth gear in the middle is connected by a trapezoidal rotary motion , Thereby transferring the mode gear, changing the relative position between the gear and the sawtooth transmission mode so as to change the horizontal position of the slider to adjust the position, the height being determined as a slide, tightened by raising the oil or air cylinder, the piston and the cylinder The upper cylinder simultaneously tensiones the slider body and the serrated connection and is connected to the piston mold adjustment gear, moving the slider does not occur, ensuring that the height adjustment slider is a solid cylinder lock tube drilling machine, so the position of the punch slider remains unchanged, The effect of the lock slider.

Punch manufacturers require routine inspection essentials

Routine check point preparation essentials Precision presses Inspection and maintenance items Point inspection essentials Before starting the main motor 1. Various parts of the refueling Oil pump to confirm [Refer to the operating instructions and oiling indication plate] 2 milling and drilling machine. Lubricant tank and other oil to the oil device Use a dipstick or visually check 3. Lubricant pressure check and oil flow confirmation The pressure gauge in the normal scale range 4. Air pressure check The pressure gauge in the normal scale range [Total plant air pressure should be above 5kgf / cm2] 5. Clutch. Brake air solenoid valve for dynamic inspection Turn the operation selector switch to JOG, and press the RUN button to hear the sound of air exhausted from the solenoid valve 6. Check the bolt, nut class whether the loose 7. Check whether there is leakage, leakage Especially with the mold with the installation of bolts, nuts, depending on the loose state to lock or replace 8. Check the various parts of whether cracking, damage, deformation, abnormal After the cause of the investigation, repair or replacement 9. Check the operation panel, control panel, safety devices and other abnormalities Attention should be paid to wiring off, broken, abnormal relay crunch and so on After the main motor starts 1. Flywheel running condition and running direction check Special attention should be paid to the start condition, acceleration condition, vibration and sound. When the idling is over 2 minutes and the rotation resistance is large, the V belt vibration

Punch manufacturers require routine inspection essentials

2. The indicator value of the instrument check When the pressure gauge, galvanometer bad, to adjust or replace 3. Clutch, brake the action point inspection close. Open the good, abnormal sound, vibration, etc. need to be adjusted in the Jog operation, and then the safety of a trip to investigate the second degree of protection device is a good function 4. Emergency stop Action check The crank angle is 90 °. , Press the emergency stop button to view the slide angle Whether it is too large, and identify the reasons for the post-readjustment 5. Die high check In the jog operation, the investigation. The mutual position of the lower die 6. Mold, installation of good or not the check Investigation of locking best drill machine, the location of the upper and lower mold and mold damage [In particular, mold installation, the need to pay attention to avoid the eccentric load] Check during operation 1. Clutch. Brake opening and closing bad, charred and other anomalies Pay attention to whether the sound, coke smell, smoke and air leakage and so on

2. Check the degree of brake slippage Note Slide stop position, angle is too large (crank angle ± 10. Above] should be adjusted immediately 3. Check the scale change of each measuring instrument 4. Check all parts of the oil spills, gas and so on Pressure is too low, the current meter changes, such as counting action 5. Slide the guide surface, such as abnormal point inspection Pay attention to whether the fever, burning and scratches 6. Each shaft is subjected to a heat check such as a part 50 ° C or less 7. Motor fever check The outer edge of 60 ℃ below 8. Mold pad pressure check [when using mold pad] 9. Overall visual inspection Check with the scale of the pressure gauge and the capacity value displayed on the nameplate Check the work after the preparation 1. Operation with the key switch of the closed 2. Close the air line pump The key is held by the person responsible for the operation 3. The air pipe of the drainage pipe From the drain valve discharge or air filters and other drains drain 4 Steel Beam CNC machine. All parts of the clean, point inspection 5. Punching equipment as a whole check 6. Refuel the necessary parts 7. Maintenance of tools 8. Turn off the power Cracking, injury, loose and so on

Punch is a high-speed punch sheet metal machinery and equipment use

Punch is the use of high-speed punch sheet metal machinery and equipment, driven by the punch drive a series of workpieces on the main motor installation, such as crankshaft, belt, and ultimately lead the slider and high-speed stamping die. In the stamping department according to the different nature of the shape, thickness, material stamping products need to choose a different mold, and adjust the height to adapt to different molds, mold precision and reliability adjustment is a key factor restricting punch performance. I set the height of the machine to adjust the device, pneumatic transmission model of the motor, worm, worm, worm gear shaft, pneumatic output shaft modulo motor is set in the gear and bevel gear, adjust the shaft adjustment axis bevel gear, gear and worm gear meshing welding automation, The bevel gear and the adjusting shaft bevel gear meshes with the worm gear, the worm gear, the worm mounting bearing and the worm gear cover, the three are sequentially connected, and the connectors between each adjacent two groups have the key of a flat wire. In addition, the lifting shaft is equipped with adjustment cover and adjust the collar. With large tonnage presses to adjust the mold device Pneumatic modulating motor as the power supply stainless steel fabrication, output shaft and gear, bevel gears pneumatic transmission model of the motor ring and the right worm gear, the digital mold high indicator fixed shaft, bearing and digital high gear indicator gear; In the worm gear, with the digital gear high indicator gear meshing, the digital die high gear indicator is mounted on the digital die high indicator shaft, and the digital die high indicator shaft is mounted on the fixed bearing. I die punching height adjustment device dynamic transfer model drive motor and drive three worms in the operation of the gas bevelling machine, the worm gear shaft can adjust the rapid response, on the other hand, the digital mold height indicator can be sensitive to reflect the mold height adjustment range, Improve the accuracy of the mold adjustment and high reliability, the entire stamping precision production safety.