Fanuc programs can be separated into the following program number groups

Fanuc programs can be separated into the following program number groups:

Program Number Range


O0001 to O7999

Standard program numbers (typically for the main programs)

O8000 to O8999

Macro program number Group 1

Can be locked by a setting

Macro program numbers for special applications

O9000 to O9049

Can be locked by a parameter

(used with G, M, S, and T functions)

O9000 to O9999

Macro program number Group 2

Can be locked by a parameter

drilling Machine

There are sev eral good rea sons why mac ros de serve spe cial con sid er ation and or der punch machine for Head when

macro pro gram sys tem is considered By se lect ing a macro pro gram num ber from within a par tic –

u lar range, cer tain ben e fits be come ev i dent, as shown in the ta ble and ex plained in more de tail

Macro Pro gram Pro tec tion

The ma jor ity of stan dard CNC pro grams do not need pro tec tion of any kind When the word

pro tec tion is ap plied to these pro grams, it means one or both of the fol low ing at trib utes can be as –

so ci ated with the pro gram num ber:


Visibility of the pro gram on the control screen (pro gram di rec tory display)


Ed it ing of the pro gram contents (also in clud ing pro gram de le tion)

Macro pro grams need pro tec tion more than subprograms, and subprograms need more pro tec –

tion than the stan dard pro grams When plan ning a macro pro gram, it is im por tant to un der stand

the dif fer ence be tween the pro gram num ber se lec tion, par tic u larly in the avail able range of O8000

to O9999

Set ting Def i ni tions

In or der to se lect any level of pro tec tion, the ac tual set ting of an ap pro pri ate pa ram e ter must be

known and con trolled Since all set tings re lat ing to pro tec tion of pro grams are of the bit type, they

can only have a set value of 0 or 1 In this re spect, some us ers may ex pe ri ence dif fi culty in the Hydraulic punching machines ac –

tual in ter pre ta tion as drilling tools pro vided in a Fanuc Pa ram e ter Man ual

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