integrated development tube drilling machine

Punching parts on the punch accuracy requirements In modern stamping operations, if only high-precision, long life mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality hole punching machine, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life cnc machines for sale. Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. 1, the dynamic accuracy and the rigidity of the various parts of the punch are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic.

2, punch if the load, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. 3, the accuracy of punch accuracy and product accuracy, die life has a very close relationship between. 4, the dynamic accuracy of the various parts of the rigid punch directly related to good rigidity of the dynamic accuracy of punch is relatively high. 5, the actual stamping process is very important dynamic accuracy, due to technical specifications in the form of difficulties, it has not yet integrated development tube drilling machine, the status quo is to represent the accuracy of static precision punch.

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