Sources of major hazards in stamping operations

Sources of major hazards in stamping operations In this case, Stamping operations in the main source of danger According to the analysis, the risk mainly in the following areas: (1) switch failure. Switching equipment control system caused by man-made. In this case, (2) motion control equipment will have a great impact, so that some parts deformation, wear and peeling, resulting in rushed or accidental equipment operation control and risk. In this case, (3) the risk of mold. Responsible for the main function is the release of energy throughout the system automatic welding machine. Precision Punch Because the mold design is not reasonable or flawed, regardless of the safe use of the staff in the operation, hands directly or regularly to the mold to complete the operation, thereby increasing the possibility of injury. Defective molds may be due to wear, deformation or damage due to an accident. In this case, (4) the risk of equipment structure. A considerable number of stamping equipment is a rigid clutch. Precision Punch This is the use of cam mechanisms to make the clutch engage or disengage, once the joint action bevel machine, we must complete a complete ring will stop. If the hands in this cycle can not be timely from the dead, it will inevitably occur hand injuries hydraulic punching machine.

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