Stamping punch daily maintenance work Stamping press machine Daily maintenance work

Stamping punch daily maintenance work Stamping press machine Daily maintenance work: (A) before the start of work: 1) to clean up the workplace, from the press will be unrelated to the work of clean up the objects, tools, safe custody. Unrelated personnel should leave the pressure mechanic Location. 2) Check the friction part of the press lubrication. 3) Check whether the die is installed correctly and reliably, whether the crack on the blade, dent or crack. 4) must be disengaged in the case of the clutch before they can boot. 5) Experimental brake belt, clutch, manipulator work, do a few itinerary. 6) Preparing the tools required (B) during working hours: 1) Timing with the oil gun to the lubrication point of the oil boring machine. 2) If the workpiece ‘stuck’ in the die should stop the press, the timely study and treatment.


3) work at any time on the British side of the work surface to remove the flash bevel tools, do not directly remove the hands to get to use hooks or related tools. 4) do shallow stretching work, we should pay attention to sheet metal cleaning, and lubrication of the oil. 5) Do not put your feet often on the pedal of the manipulator, so as not to pay attention to an accident. 6) When the press is working custom metal fabrication, do not insert the hand into the mold, do not change the position of the blank on the die. 7) when the press work is not normal (such as the slider free fall, the occurrence of abnormal percussion or noise, poor quality of finished oil burr, etc.) should Immediately shut down for research. (C) after the work: 1) Disengage the clutch. 2) Stop the motor. 3) to clean up tools and stamping parts, put it to adapt to the place. 4) the metal cut clean. 5) wiping the press and die with a rag, in the mold edge and press the work surface is not coated with paint anti-rust oil.

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