When either variable is called in the macro body

s signed to ar gu ment B

When either variable is called in the macro body, it will be re placed by the value as signed in that

ar gu ment In the case il lus trated, the macro block G00 X#1 Y#2 will be in ter preted as G00

X1200 Y800 In this case, the ar gu ments rep re sent tool mo tion as a lo ca tion or dis tance, but

could have hun dreds of other mean ings The ‘se cret’ of mac ros is that cnc cutter while the ar gu ments in the

macro call will change from job to job, the macro re mains the same For ex am ple, if the ar gu ment

is changed to G65 P8001 A2000 B1500, the rapid mo tion block in the macro will be in ter –

preted as G00 X2000 Y1500

Drilling Machine Steel Beam

This short il lus tra tion does not ex plain all de tails, but should serve as the first step to full and

com plete un der stand ing of macro con cepts and their development

In re gards to the macro def i ni tion, one may ask where the pro gram num ber O8001 came from

Is it a man da tory num ber? Why this num ber and not other? These, and many ques tions need some

ex pla na tion, which is pro vided in the next sec tion It is im por tant to keep in mind that all CNC

pro grams custom processing machine (subprograms and mac ros in cluded) may use any num ber within the pro vided range

(O0001 to O9999 or O00001 to O99999) So the first ques tion can be an swered neg a tively No,

this num ber is not man da tory To an swer the sec ond ques tion ad di tional knowl edge is re quired In

short, Fanuc con trols pro vide a se lected range of pro gram num bers that can have im por tant at trib –

utes at tached to them, for ex am ple, whether they can be ed ited or de leted Se lect ing macro pro –

gram num ber O8001 se lects a pro gram num ber that be long to such a range

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Macro Program Numbers

Al though any 1 to 4 digit num ber within a range of O0001 to O9999 can drilling tools be as signed as a macro

pro gram num ber, cer tain ranges can be ma nip u lated to pro vide use ful ben e fits By def i

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